Group Users

FDM  welcome the following new groups;

Kippax Village Action who joined in March 2019

Kippax Community Club who joined in April 2019

Meeting Point Cafe / Newbourne Methodist Church  Leeds who joined in April 2019

Registered Group users can book the minibus by contacting the office for availability. Once a booking has been provisionally made a Booking Form will need to be completed.  Booking Forms are available by contacting Val on 0113 2889000 or by clicking on the link below and downloading a copy.

GROUP USER BOOKING FORM – Revised 31 March 2016

Group User Eligibility:

Inability of Group members to use public transport
Inappropriateness of public transport for the Group’s activities
The aims of the Group are not party political
The aims of the Group do not conflict with FDM Equal Opportunities Policy
The aims of the Group can be considered to be of benefit to the community

Please note that the community transport minibus may only be used in connection with the activity of the Registered Group. It may not be used for private, commercial or political purposes, or for journeys that are the responsibility of statutory agencies. FDM may refuse a request for group travel if it suspects that the minibus is being use inappropriately.

If you would like to register to become a Group User, please contact Val Newsome on 0113 2889000.