FDM is a member of the CTA and can offer Minibus training to groups or individuals.  MiDAS is the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme organised by the Community Transport Association UK (CTA) which promotes a nationally recognised standard for the assessment and training of minibus drivers. It has been designed to enhance minibus driving standards and promote a safer operation of minibuses.

Drivers who successfully complete the MiDAS assessment and training program will receive a nationally recognised certificate which is valid for 4 years.


MiDAS Training Course

Training Charges For External Organisations:

Standard (no passenger lift/wheelchairs) –  £67.00/person
Refresher Training – £38.00/person

Accessible (with passenger lift/wheelchairs) £82.00/person
Refresher Training – £43.00/person

For organisations outside the Leeds area, a daily travel expense charge per visit of £10 will apply.

5 Steps to Safety – Minibus Evacuation Training

The ’5 Steps to Safety’ training involves both theory and practical work which provides the skills and information required when evacuating passengers in the event of a vehicle fire. The trainer will observe everyone attending this course as they participate in several practice evacuations of passengers, with and without simulated smoke conditions.  In addition, the role-play will involve the evacuation of able bodied passengers and persons who have disabilities and other causes of delay and complications that may arise during a real evacuation.

The Objectives of the course are:

  • How to safely evacuate a vehicle using the ’5 Steps to Safety’
  • How to recognise common causes of vehicle fires
  • How to reduce the risk of vehicle fires starting
  • When and how to use a fire extinguisher


The 4 hour course using the FDM minibus is £55 per person
The 4 hour course bringing and using your own minibus is £38 per person
Both drivers and escorts should be encouraged to attend

If you or your organisation would like to discuss MiDAS training, or book on to a course please contact Val Newsome on 0113 2889000.